Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News & Update: Why The Tech Giant is Looking To Cancel The Product Line

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Dec 16, 2016 05:51 PM EST

This year, it seems that the rivalry between tech giants Samsung and Apple has been won by the latter, simply thanks to Samsung's self-sabotaging Galaxy Note 7. Following multiple reports of the exploding device, the company recalled the Galaxy Note 7, resulting to billions in lost revenue. Now, the company is focusing on revamping the next iteration of smartphones coming this 2017. The latest rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that the company is looking to cancel the product line.

After the rather embarrassing last few months, it seems that the company is pulling the plug on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. According to BGR, it's "uncertain" if Samsung will pursue the Galaxy Note 8 this 2017. They are, however, planning to release two version of the Galaxy S8, which is slated for a February announcement.

On the other hand, Apple is already looking to integrate the stylus into the iPhone. Does this pose a threat to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? If yes, what is Samsung planning in response? Will the tech giant cancel the product line altogether and refuse to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will see an update on January 5, as per The Verge. Verizon announced an update that permanently ceases operations on the device. Just last week, the company decided to announce that they will not update the device because of the "added risk" that the update may cause for users who don't have other devices to use. Because of this, is Samsung looking to cancel the product line altogether? Does it seem that there s no future for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Users will have to wait for 2017 before Samsung discloses anything official. As for now, we can say that this round, or this year, has been won by Apple, despite the jackless iPhone 7. To stay updated on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the possible discontinuation, keep it locked here.

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