'Watch Dogs 2' Latest News & Updates: The "Pull Over Now!" Cop Is Being Fixed in the Game's Latest Patch, More Details Here!

By Cores Grace Malaay , Updated Dec 16, 2016 12:49 PM EST

Ubisoft will address one of the many not-so-good aspects of "Watch Dogs 2" through a patch that will be release later this week. Most notable with this patch would be the policewoman who can be heard shouting through a megaphone, "This is the police! Pull over now!" because of a traffic violation.

In "Watch Dogs 2," this policewoman keeps shouting the same "Pull over now!" line where most players find out it annoying in the game. Great news is that Ubisoft already has decided to cease this cop from trying to repeat this line all over again to get the point across, according to the patch notes. "We're all grateful," Ubisoft added.

Eurogamer reports that apart from this "Pull over now!" line update on "Watch Dogs 2," the patch also adds replay missions allowing players to replay any mission, which is part of a Main Operation. Another would be an update where it displays the player's Hacker Level as a stat in the phone owned by Marcus, which is based on followers. It also adds opponent weapons to the DedSec 3D printer.

Ubisoft had also assessed the shooting mechanics of "Watch Dogs 2," which most players find it weak. Another great news because the developer has improved weapon recoil of the game, enhanced sound on impact and more visibility on bullet tracers.

Moreover, the patch for "Watch Dogs 2" on PC also fixed a bug on timer, which caused San Francisco's iconic fog to show up less often than intended in the game, according to Kotaku. The fog's appearance is now being standardized to have it started at six in the evening and have it disappeared around two in the afternoon the following day.

The fog on "Watch Dogs 2" is not going to show up every single day but with the patch on PC version, it should show up more often. To see the full patch notes and details, check "Watch Dogs" website.

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