'Nintendo NES Classic Edition' News & Updates: Nearly 200,000 Retro Consoles Sold In The US Alone!

By Milton Letterman , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:50 PM EST

The Nintendo NES is, by a great measure, one of the best-selling gaming consoles of its time. With an unmistakably iconic aesthetic, the NES has a dedicated cult following, and its Classic Edition - a modern retro rendition of the original, is quickly serving up to be a valuable collector's item.

Forbes has reported that for the month of November this year, Nintendo sold almost 200,000 units of the NES Classic Edition in the US alone. Considering that the Japanese game giant made just a few units of the console, said number could have been much higher. Moreover, at just $59.99, the console has understandably flown off the shelves quickly, many of which could already be reselling at much higher markup.

Coming with 30 preloaded games in place of the traditional cartridges, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is essentially a watered-down yet modernized version of the original. The Verge pointed out that demand for the console has been so high, that even lean window times for sales have been used by the likes of Gamestop and Walmart to clear off their remaining stocks.

With sales in November having skyrocketed to such a high number in the US, it would be unsurprising if global sales for the "Nintendo NES Classic Edition" would reflect much higher numbers. At the same time, Nintendo's apparent intent to limit production of the console gives the idea that sales figures could have been much higher had every interested person has been able to get stocks. Nonetheless, elusiveness is among the keys to the console's appeal, so whether greater stocks could generate higher sales remains a hypothetical matter at this point.

Nintendo of America President and Chief Operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime rubbished claims that the company is deliberately limiting the number of NES Classic Edition stocks sold in the market. Amid growing calls to replenish stocks, he said that the shortages attribute to the company's underestimation of sales figures for the console. Watch IGN's unboxing, comparison, and analysis video on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition below:

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