Grand Theft Auto 5 News: More PC Release Speculations, Mod Turns Los Santos into Atlantis [VIDEO]

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Jan 27, 2014 06:06 PM EST

Despite no official word from publisher Take-Two or developer Rockstar, it's essentially a foregone conclusion that Grand Theft Auto V will eventually make its way over to PC, given that previous games in the series have done the same, but it's anyone's guess when that will happen (if at all). Like we've seen numerous times before, another group is taking a shot in the dark at exactly when it will happen, and is predicting an announcement will happen sometime this year.

That's the word from Baird Equity Research's Colin Sebastien, the company's "senior equity research analyst covering Internet and Interactive Entertainment," a title that has far more basis than Sebastien's prediction, which cites guestimations from Amazon as logic for the company to bring the game over to the PC audience.

"We expect PC version of GTA V in 2014. Recently, posted a product listing for a PC-version of the company's blockbuster franchise Grand Theft Auto V (GTA). While a PC version would not be a big surprise, this indirect confirmation of the game helps to provide some added visibility to consensus F2015 (Mar) estimates," said Sebastien, via VG247.

Keep in mind that Amazon's also been incorrect a number of times with regard to GTA 5 release and/or announcement dates. Earlier this month, Amazon France decided to list the game as coming to PC, and just before Christmas, it was reported that an Amazon Germany staffer let slip that on Christmas Eve, Rockstar would announce the game would be coming to PC in March. Obviously, we all know how that turned out. The company has also been incorrect a number of times before regarding the game's original release date, as well as guessing at a possible next-gen version as well.

Baird also pulled Red Dead Redemption out from nowhere, saying that the company also expected a sequel to arrive this year. By all means, believe what you like, but it's best to wait on an official announcement from Rockstar or Take-Two on the matter.

Despite that the game is yet to arrive on PC, that doesn't mean you can't still mod the hell out of the game to create a brand new experience. 

While it was slow moving, exploring the depths of the Los Santos' surrounding waters in GTA V's submarine was pretty cool, especially with the impressive amount of sea life found therein. Still, save for a sunken UFO or occasional shark, the oft-murky waters didn't have nearly the same amount of detail as the city streets. So, modder Bushigan decided to flood the city streets with a massive tsunami, turning Los Santos into an underwater Mecca.

You can check out video of a considerably wetter Los Santos below.

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