'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Grow A Giant Crop On The Farm, Fairy & Witch During The Night?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 17, 2016 05:14 AM EST

Numerous crops will always yield a great income in "Stardew Valley." However, there is this mystery why the crops will yield a giant crop, which is shocking but beneficial in many ways.

Encountering giant crops in the game is quite common yet random, depending on how the players will plant their crops on the field. Using the method of a three by three planting will maximize the chances of players getting the giant crop, which increases their profit for the day. This guide will help players to achieve the giant crop in their farm.

How to get the giant crop with three simple steps

Before planting, "Stardew Valley" players should know that eating food that boosts farming efficiency does not affect the outcome of the product or chances of getting a giant crop because the giant crop appears randomly on a three by three square, where seeds are planted.

First step is to acquire and prepare the field by tilling the soil in a three by three manner or till a large portion of it and plant the seeds. Three giant crops appear in the game such as Cauliflowers, Pumpkins, and Melons. Second, players need to be patient by watering the fields daily or checking up on it when they already have sprinklers installed.

Prevent crows from destroying sprouts and growing crops

Furthermore, players should also be aware that there are crows that will eat up the seed or sprouts that grew. So, make sure that there is a scarecrow nearby.

Now, giant crops appear randomly on the planted soil. If there is not giant crop, then that is alright because players can plant the same thing or one of the mentioned crops to yield the gigantic one. The benefit about this giant crop in "Stardew Valley" is the additional number players get from it, which increases profit and gold gained for the day. Though, some would just let it grow as a decoration.

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