'Horizon: Zero Dawn' Release Date, Trailer, News & Update: Developer Reveals New Video; Protagonist's Past Explained

By Ynahlee CC , Updated Dec 17, 2016 07:41 AM EST

More about the stunning female lead of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is revealed thanks to the recently released video by the game's developers. Bits and pieces of her past will be featured in the video as well as some secrets about the upcoming game.

Guerilla Games has opted for a female leading character for their upcoming game "Horizon: Zero Dawn."The developers' decision for their choice of protagonist is showcased in the recently released video. Many believe that having a female protagonist in an intense and challenging game is something fresh in the eyes of gamers everywhere. Guerilla Games is apparently offering something new in the world of RPG gaming.

According to reports, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" features impressive visuals for the game to match the equally pleasing lead character. Thus, staying true to the past rumors about the highly-awaited game being given a female lead. The main character of the game is portrayed as a physically strong individual with a sharp mind, heavily contributing to her effectiveness in survival.

Moreover, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" by Guerilla Games is expected to be one of Sony's biggest hits for their popular gaming console the PlayStation 4. The new "Secrets of the Past" video further introduces the unique main character of the game, thus vigorously fanning the flames of excitement in the hearts of fans.

The "Secrets of the Past" video for "Horizon: Zero Dawn" features Aloy and some bits and pieces about her past. Moreover, the backstory of the game's setting is also showcased in the video. Minor hints on the reason behind the mechanically dominated world Aloy lives in is shared to fans as reported by WWG.

Aloy will also be able to negotiate with the various tribes found in the game, and it is hinted that she will be able to call upon them when the need is there. Are you hyped for "Horizon: Zero Dawn?" Stay tuned to GameNGuide for more updates on your favorite games.

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