'Destiny’ The Dawning Trick: How to Get Free Treasures and New Armor Sets

By Allan , Updated Dec 17, 2016 09:46 AM EST

The Dawning event of "Destiny" brings a variety of new armor sets that players can collect. Now each set can be acquired in a different way but must be found before the event ends or wait until it is offered again in the game. And some of the best armors offered in this event can actually be claimed for free if players know where to find it. So this guide is all about helping players get it without cashing out a single centavo.

How to Get Free the Dawning Armor Set?

One of the armor set featured in The Dawning update is the illuminated armor that can only be acquired from the event's treasure. But not like the event last October, players can actually get these treasures for free if they know where to find them.

The first treasure box should be acquired as soon as the player hits Rank 5 in "Destiny" Sparrow Racing League. There are three characters in "Destiny" that can do this job for the player which also results to three treasures. The best way to rank in The Dawning is to pick up bounties every day from Amanda Holliday located in the Tower. For players who are lucky to have SRL class item, use it to level up and activate the bonus that increases reputation gains of SRL.

More Treasures In the Game

The second treasure from "Destiny" event is by finishing one of the missions of Heroic Strike. Note that only one treasure from the Dawning event will be received per account for this mission. So players need to play once every week to receive all three treasures in the Dawning event. These treasures cost 200 Silver each in the game which is equivalent to $2 each which mean $6 that could have been spent on another purchase in "Destiny" The Dawning Update if the player takes the time to play it every week.

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