'GTA Online’ Holiday Update Gives Players Free Rewards and Gifts

By Allan , Updated Dec 17, 2016 09:43 AM EST

This holiday season, "GTA Online" is reported to bring new gifts and rewards for players to find. The best thing about this update is that these gifts can be acquired for free and should be ready for play by next week. Developers are keeping mum about the full details of the update but it looks like leaked information have already been circulating online.

Other games like "Destiny: Rise of Iron" and "Overwatch" have already released their holiday event so it's just right that "GTA Online" release one of their own. Although their update will not begin until next week, it just means more time for them to prepare so players will have smooth game experience throughout the new update.

According to sources, Rockstar Games will be adding snow, festive masks, Christmas trees, and new outfits, in this year's event. Just like last year, players can play and throw snow at other players and even to the NPCs around the game. And included in the new content are freebies for players to collect including pajamas in holiday theme, masks of beasts or unicorn, new weapons, and even sticky bombs.

And if tipsters are correct, the Fireworks Launcher could be making a comeback as well but will probably be available as New Year arrives. But the most exciting part of the update is the arrival of a new mode called Vehicle Vendetta but no details yet as to what it is and what it brings.

Since Rockstar Games have decided to keep this update a secret, they are not confirming nor denying any rumor about "GTA Online". But there is a good chance the rumors are true because the game also had a holiday event last year so there is no reason not to have one now. Until Rockstar Games announces the official release date, players will just have to rely on tipsters to leak information like this one.

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