‘Final Fantasy’ 15 DLC Latest News & Update: Holiday Pack Coming Soon; New Game Plus Mode, Additional Ability Points, and More Included!

By Din , Updated Dec 17, 2016 05:25 AM EST

"Final Fantasy" 15 DLC will come soon with seasonal holiday packages for everyone! Definitely, Square Enix gave delight to its fans with the new game plus modes, ability points, and carnival passport it included on the most-awaited arrival of the role playing game. Accordingly, the players can savor the game better if they will get the premium version of the DLC.

On the coming dec. 22, Square Enix will bring the holiday season closer to many video games players, especially for those who avidly follow "Final Fantasy" 15. And, everyone should check out all the new content it entails.

According to a report, the Holiday Pack is applicable for those who purchased the physical game on Xbox One and PS4. Additionally, the premium plus version will be limited to those have the seasonal pass.

In Holiday Pack Plus, the players will have more enticing items to enjoy. Some of it will be ring of resistance, stamina badge, tech turbocharger, Blitzer's fanfare, and Tactician's fanfare.

With regards to the free features, initially "Final Fantasy" 15 DLC will have the new game plus modes. In new game plus, the players will be allowed to carry over their saved game from another play through. At the moment it will be the biggest addition to the game.

Furthermore, the more accessible "Final Fantasy" 15 holiday DLC pack will gift the players with increased ability points. Indeed, it will be very helpful in upgrading their game experience.

In other news, it highlights the carnival passport which can bring the players to a limited time event where they can get additional game items and points. Also, it says that Warrior's Fanfare, Nixperience Band, and Choco-Mog Tee will also be part of the freebies.

To sum up, "Final Fantasy" 15 DLC will is filled with exciting features for everyone this holiday season! Clearly, all are exciting must-see freebies. For the latest news and updates, stay tuned in Game & Guide always.

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