'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Big Let Down Updates

By Jerome , Updated Dec 18, 2016 06:00 AM EST

"Pokemon Go" latest update was just released last December 13, 2016. Many Pokemon fans are expecting a lot with this update. But this latest updates really makes other Pokemon fans unhappy.

One of the latest update of "Pokemon Go" is that the game has been released in India. Now Pokemon fans in India can play "Pokemon Go" and they can catch Pokemon's now at urban and rural areas. This could increase players of "Pokemon Go" as this is the first time Indians will play "Pokemon Go".

But the biggest let down is that "Pokemon Go" latest update did not include the additional 100 Pokemon's or all the Generation two's Pokemon's. There were only seven new Pokemon's that was released that comes from Generation two. The new Pokemon's are Magby the Baby Magmar, Elekid the Baby Electabuzz, Cleffa the Baby Clefairy, Igglypuff the Baby Jigglypuff, Pichu the Baby Pikachu, Smoochum the Baby Jynx and Tyrogue.

Another let down of the game "Pokemon Go" is that there is an Ad in the App store for "Pokemon Go" that mentioned that there is new Pokemon's and they ask players if they will be able to find it. But these seven new Pokemon's will not be able to be captured by players wherever they go because this new Pokemon's can be acquired through hatching Eggs. This is a false advertisement of the game "Pokemon Go" as players will surely do their best to find these new Pokemon's and are not aware that they can only be obtained through Eggs.

But Pokemon fans are still hoping to have generation two Pokemon's to be released in "Pokemon Go". We hope that Niantic will update "Pokemon Go" that will live up to Pokemon fans expectation. Let's wait and see if Niantic will do something to make "Pokemon Go" one of the best game again.

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