Iphone 8 Latest News & Update: iPhone 8;Dual Sim, Apple Pencil, Other Features In Already In Patent?

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 17, 2016 08:42 PM EST

Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 is rumored to be a dual sim phone with Apple pencil. These rumors, however, are supported by official claims and records and could possibly be integrated into the company's forthcoming smartphone launch in 2017.

iPhone 8 With Apple Pencil on Patent

A set of new patents spotted by Patently Apple denote to the Apple Pencil working with an iPhone, as well as demonstrating it being used with extra stock iOS apps like iMovie. In addition, a remark by Tim Cook in September appeared to recommend that Apple is by this time testing the Apple Pencil with an iPhone.

Further, an earlier report suggested that Apple was testing usage of the Apple Pencil in a variety of stock apps on the iPad, including Messages, Mail and Safari. With the evidence in this case, backing for both the iPhone and an extensive range of stock apps on the iPad would seem to be more likely that Apple is brewing something big in 2017.

iPhone 8 With Dual Sim On Patent

United States Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO currently holds a patent, approved by Apple, for a dual-SIM technology with a couple of individual antennas. The patent specifies the technology used to work with two SIM cards. It also details how to define the priority between them.

The description states that the card actively used for a call will have the priority over the one that is used for data. Several embodiments specified in the description, upkeep LTE networks which are expected for a flagship device, so as not to compromise connectivity options for two sims.

It is significant to note that these are simply patents and does not confirm any dual-SIM iPhone rumors. Apple will always have the final decision of it will or will not use this technology in future devices.

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