‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Taking a Different Strategy to Lure Back Customers

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:34 AM EST

"Pokemon GO" players are being treated to numerous updates and they are now hungry for more. It has been reported that Niantic will be releasing updates on a bi-monthly basis. If this turns out to be true, Niantic must release another updates on Wednesday, Dec. 21. The latest update was released on Dec. 7 and was a minor one.

The last update paved the way for new Pokemon to be released and implemented some behind the scenes changes. One major change brought by the update is the ability to transfer more than one Pokemonto Professor Willow at the time. This makes getting rid of creatures in bulk way more easy in "Pokemon GO."

The Gym Battles received Pokemon-type icons. According to Heavy, Niantic could be using the next update to roll out the highly-anticipated Christmas event. Even though Niantic has already given Santa hat wearing Pikachu in the last update, it cannot be the entire Christmas offering from "Pokemon GO" as fans are expecting a lot more, considering the fact that the Halloween and Thanksgiving events offered candy bonuses and XP.

"Pokemon GO" fans are eagerly expecting a special message from Professor Willow. Thus, one more update is definitely coming before the end of this year, as hinted by a Niantic newsletter. There's a possibility that new updates will be rolled out on Dec. 21, at least, that's what fans want to believe.

Niantic has been hosting special events to bring back lost players, who grew tired of the "Pokemon GO" game. Moreover, the company, instead of releasing all Gen 2 Pokemon at once, has decided to do so in phases and not all at once. These Pokemon can only be obtained by hatching eggs. The next few months will see a lot of Pokemon coming to the game. Stay tuned on GameNGuide for more updates of "Pokemon GO."

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