'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Updates: Game Availability for Apple Watch Underdevelopment and Coming Very Soon; Update Comes With PvP, Trading, Gen 2 Pokemon?

By Daniel Flores , Updated Dec 18, 2016 08:02 PM EST

Niantic continues to release new updates for "Pokemon GO" every now and then and several fans are hyped for its new Christmas theme. The developer confirms in its twitter post that there will be a huge update coming for all Apple Watch users.

'Pokemon Go' added to Apple Watch

According to a report from 9to5Mac, Niantic already announced last September 2016 that "Pokemon GO" will come to Apple Watch before the year ends. However, news has come concerning its release and it appears that the plans have been cancelled altogether.

Because Niantic still remains silent about "Pokemon GO" availability in Apple Watch, several rumors and speculations spreading that Niantic might have ceased its development. The "Pokemon GO" that was shown during the Apple's iPhone 7 reveal event in September was reportedly only an unfinished port.

But according to a report from GameSpot, Niantic confirmed that the company is still developing "Pokemon GO" for Apple Watch, and that Niantic will be releasing more news and updates soon. Niantic revealed several ideas for Apple Watch; this includes how far "Pokemon GO" players should need to walk to hatch eggs and how much more XP a player will need to level up. It also shows nearby Pokemon feature, but if ever a Pokemon will appear, players would have to take out their iPhones to capture it.

Several fans, especially the Apple Watch users are hoping that the new "Pokemon GO" update will be released before the year ends so that they can try the holiday season theme in the game. But if ever it will not be released this year, fans can expect it in January 2017, just in time to celebrate the New Year.

Niantic might also release Apple Watch's "Pokemon GO" together with some new features like PvP Battle System, Trading, Gen 2 Pokemon and other legendaries such as Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo and many more. Let's just hope that the legendary Pokemon will not bring imbalance to the game. Stay tuned to GameNGuide to know the latest news and updates for "Pokemon GO."

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