iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs, Features, Latest News & Update: Last Of The Air Products; Best Apple Deal For 2017?

By Paige McClure , Updated Dec 19, 2016 12:00 AM EST

iPad Air 3 is set to be released in March 2017, but will be the last of the Air modelled tablet. Apple has several announcements on the design and features, and will be even surpass iPad Pro 9.7in in terms of advancement. iPad Air 3 is now being expected by a lot of users who are looking for adaptability and flexibility.

According to Gamenguide, iPad Air 3 was supposed to be released earlier this year, however, Apple chose to release iPad Pro 9.7in instead. Furthermore, the iPad Air 3 is reported to be the last of the Air line. Now, users are questioning if Apple will also eradicate McBook Air and McBook Air Pro.

As reported by Neurogadget, the reason for terminating the Air line is because Apple will focus only on iPad Pro Variants. However, Apple has not yet released any statement, so it may be safe to say that Apple will still continue to produce the Air products.

The iPad Air 3 is reported to be made of 7000-series aluminum, thinner than iPad 2, with a screen that will measure 9.7in which will be supporting a 4k resolution. Users will might be satisfied with the waterproof and resistant to dust features.

 The more interesting specs of the iPad Air 3 include the compatibility with the Apple Pencil technology, smart connector for smart keyboard, and most importantly its foldable technology. Macworld reports that Apple will release a folding iPad, as Apple is now currently reported to have been developing a folding technology.

Although Apple has not really released the official product to be sold in the market, these features are showcasing what iPad Air 3, and will be the best deal for 2017. Would iPad Air 3 compete with other Apple devices?

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