'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Five Different Maps For Different Professions Players Can Pursue & Develop Skills

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:02 AM EST

The update that was released by ConcernedApe contains new farm types for the players to choose from in "Stardew Valley." Depending on what skill a players wants to max out first, the types of farms corresponds to each skill and it is up to them.

Now, choosing may be hard because these farms are different from one another and some may have bigger space for crops or smaller ones. To choose the best farm type for players, they must choose what profession they are more comfortable with.

Standard Farm

The standard farm maximize on the Farming profession, which involves a huge space for crops to grow and buildings for livestock. The farm is the default and original one ever since the first release of "Stardew Valley."

Riverland Farm

This type of farm maximizes on Fishing and other things related to it in "Stardew Valley." If the players want more fishing rather than farming, then this is the type that they should pick. Note that this type of farm hugely decreases the area for planting crops and a space for the buildings for animals.

Forest Farm

The Forest Farm type in "Stardew Valley" is for those who want to Forage and find things in the wild. Those who are comfortable gathering produce and materials from the wild should pick this farm type, which also include wood and stumps to gather hardwood. In addition, grass and weeds produce fiber and wild seeds. Ponds and cliffs are present.

Hilltop Farm

This type of farm focuses more on the Mining profession. Thus, players need to upgrade their pickaxe as soon as possible and eat some food that boosts the mining proficiency. Stones, Ore Nodes, and Geode Nodes can be found in the farm, which has a river that separates the land into two equal parts in "Stardew Valley."

Wilderness Farm

Lastly, this farm focuses more on the Combat profession in "Stardew Valley", so players should keep their guard up at night because Wilderness Golems emerge in the vicinity. These monster's level will depend on how high the level of the player is. It is balanced in both water resources and area for planting crops.

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