How to Reveal Hidden Facebook Games: Chess, Basketball & Football

By Caroline , Updated Dec 19, 2016 03:43 PM EST

With several updates, Facebook Messenger has become more interesting and entertaining to many of its users. Not only does it allows chatting with friends using a WiFi connection or data, it also let users become players of its mini-games such as basketball, soccer, and chess. However, this mini-games are hidden but there are easy ways to hunt it out.

Hidden Facebook Football Game

This game instantly lifts the mood of an otherwise boring chat. The Facebook's football game is a Euro 2016 inspired entertainment that will bring the user's football skills and spirit.
According to DigitalSpy, it's easy to unearth it and all the player needs to do is run Messenger's latest update, select the football emoji and send it to the friend. Once it is in the message, the player will just click the ball to unveil a slightly challenging game.
Hidden Facebook Basketball Game

Meanwhile, LifeHacker shared how simple it is to enjoy one of the world's popular sport -- basketball. To play with a friend, just open an emoji window from Facebook, click the basketball emoji. and again, send it to a friend. It's the same thing as with FB's football game wherein the player just need to tap the ball in the conversation to show the basketball game up.
The concept, however, is to shoot the ball in the ring consecutively, otherwise, the player will lose.

Hidden Facebook Chess Game

The first two games are already popular, however, chess is different as not everyone knows about it. According to Independent, Facebook doesn't really advertise all of its games and often, users just discover those out of accidents.
To play chess in FB messenger, the player needs to open a conversation with another person and send "@fbchess play." Afterward, a tiled board will appear and the color for each player will be chosen randomly. Then. the game begins.

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