Google Android Latest News & Update: Google's Latest IoT Device OS; Something You Must Know

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 19, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Google has launched "Android Things," an Android-based device OS for the Internet of Things. Connected with Weave, this software will play a crucial role in Google's IoT strategy. "Android Things" blistered the device market with its new OS. It is the latest attempt from Google to connect the dots between the cloud and devices.

"Microsoft" is pursuing Windows 10 IoT to hobbyists and OEMs. Though Amazon doesn't have a device OS, it is making AWS Lambda available to IoT developers. AWS is partnering with device manufacturers to bundle "Lambda Greengrass," a local version of AWS Lambda that can be installed in IoT devices and hubs.

Android Things is a rebranded version "Google Brillo," an OS that Google announced last 2015. Though the core of Brillo was Android, the development and deployment experience was significantly different from regular Android development.

"Android Things" OS supports a subset of the original Android SDK. APIs that require user input or authentication credentials such as AdMob, Maps, Search, and Sign-In are not supported. Like the OTA updates for Android Phones, developers can push Google-provided OS updates and custom app updates using the same OTA infrastructure that Google uses for its products and services.

Developers can use the toolkit to target IoT devices. Android Studio, the popular IDE for Android based on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA, supports IoT development through "Android Things." The lifecycle of application development almost remains the same as mobile development.

Android Things is unified with "Weave," the communication platform for IoT devices. Weave Server, the cloud service holds the device registration, command propagation, storing of states and integration with Google services like the "Google Assistant." Weave SDK will be embedded in the devices for local and remote communication.

Weave can be used with or without Android Things. It's an independent protocol that can be a substitute to Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth Smart.

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