Google Latest News & Update: Switch Tool Has Never Been Easier Than This; Full Steps Here

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 18, 2016 11:05 PM EST

Google Switch Tool is slated to make the process easier for iOS users who opt to switch to Android. It should be noted that the company only requires a Gmail account and Google Drive to backup files from an iPhone and transfer to the Android phones. In addition, the company also rolled out with its self-driving cars.

Apparently, Apple has made the process of moving from Android to iOS easy as the company already added an App detailing the whole process on the Play Store. On the other hand, Google has also made the switch easy for iOS users using the Google Switch Tool. It has been noted that Google Drive may now be used to sync contacts and calendars as well as photos from an iPhone.

Google reportedly simplified the Google Switch tool for iOS defectors to make the switch without forfeiting their important data. Previously, the iOS device reportedly needs to be physically connected to a PC. Moreover, several steps have also been noted in the past.

Currently, the Google Switch Tool narrows down the process to 8 steps. First off, the updated Google Drive must be installed on the iPhone from the App Store. After launching Google Drive, head off to Menu>Settings>Backup. Then each backup category may be disabled, then tap on Start Backup, according to report.

In other Google-related news, aside from the Google Switch tool, Google also reportedly brought out its self-driving cars. In such division, the company reportedly dedicates more on delivery drones and internet-slinging balloons. Furthermore, the drive for autonomy is reportedly called Waymo, Wired reported.

Google Switch Tool is reportedly available already. While the Waymo CEO John Krafcik also noted that the self-driving car company aims to make safe and easy vehicles. Google is expected to push Waymo into the real world. Previously, Uber, Baid, Ford, Tesla and General Motors also announced plans on developing fully self-driving cars into the market.  Watch iOS to Android here:

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