‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Increases Pokemon Spawns Following Disappointing December Updates

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 19, 2016 08:22 AM EST

Many "Pokemon Go" players were disappointed with Niantic's December updates that introduced only a handful of Gen 2 Pokemon creatures, along with a Pikachu wearing a holiday-themed hat. However, the gaming company appears to be making an effort to make-up for its somewhat lackluster December updates with an increased Pokemon spawn rate.

Some gamers may have noticed more Pokemon creatures appearing in outdoor locations such as parks and other areas. The improved spawn rate is part of Niantic's recent "Pokemon Go" changes where it adjusted the number of Pokemon appearing in various urban and rural outdoor locations.

Niantic unveiled its revised Pokemon spawn rate in a recent social media message posted on the game's official Twitter page. However, the gaming company did not indicate whether the appearance of more Pokemon is a temporary buff following the recent release of a few Gen 2 Pokemon.

Meanwhile, the increased appearance of Pokemon creatures in outdoor locations also appear to be in response to the gaming community's request for more Pokemon spawns in rural areas. Following Niantic's release of its revised Pokemon sightings and tracking feature that is linked to the Pokestops, many rural-located gamers complained that they were not able to utilize the said feature.

However, the gaming company deployed a patch in early December that enhanced how Pokemon creatures will appear if there are only a handful of Pokestops in an area. Niantic also promised to review the various feedbacks that it received from the "Pokemon Go" community to further enhance the game, as indicated in an announcement posted on the game's website.

Moreover, the increased Pokemon spawn rate will help avid "Pokemon Go" players complete their Pokedex and further explore their surrounding neighborhood. The improved number of Pokemon sightings will also help gamers to capture the festive Pikachu with the Santa hat.

"Pokemon Go" players have until Dec. 29 to catch the holiday-costumed Pikachu. Learn more about the mobile gaming app's recent addition of Pokemon babies in the clip below:

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