‘Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers’ Release Date, News & Update: Koei Tecmo Releases Strategic Gameplay Elements; Lixia’s Orbs, Synchro Mode & More Game Highlights

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 19, 2016 05:42 AM EST

Koei Tecmo America recently published a press release indicating the gameplay elements of "Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers," along with an action-packed trailer featuring the Synchro Mode. This new feature is enabled after defeating enemies, letting players engage in powerful attacks to destroy opponents.

What to Expect In "Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers"

A tactical RPG spin-off to the "Dynasty Warriors" games, the latest installment, "Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers," uses a grid-based combat field. Players come to face-to-face with opposing forces, moving their characters before defending or attacking. Attacks from the side or rear cause more damage and once the enemy is defeated, players can activate the Synchro Mode.

As the "Dynasty Warriors'" press release states, "Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers" features companion characters like Lixia, who has powers that have been sealed away in orbs. Lixia's orbs give players the opportunity to inflame the battlefield, and as the story progresses, more orbs are ready to be collected.

As with the previous games, "Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers" takes place during the period of the Three Kingdoms in Chinese history. Outside battle, players can converse with other officers. Players will also have the chance to unlock special Path of Destiny episodes and other monetary bonuses.

"Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers" will also tell the story of Lixia's imprisonment. Lei Bin and Zhao Yun will unravel a terrible mystery, making things difficult for them. The ESRB has rated the game "T for Teen."

"Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers" Release Date

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, those who purchase "Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers" within the first month of the game's release can receive a variety of costumes to customize gameplay. Lixia will get the "Diaochan" costume and other characters like Lu Lingqi and Guan Yinping get to have fox ears and tails.

"Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers" is releasing on January 31, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. More gameplay details are to be announced soon.

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