Virtual Reality Gaming: What Danger Should You Know Before Playing [WATCH]

By Din , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:05 AM EST

Currently, technology keeps getting better! More importantly with video gaming, now playing gets more personal with the use of VR or Virtual Reality. Apparently, it also has dangers everyone should know about. Indeed, it's a fun wearable for everyone, but the players take a short time knowing more about the latest hype in the market today.

"Virtual reality is amazing, but it isn't safe. It isn't easy. And with the complicated hardware being released now, it could end up being a nightmare in the wrong hands." Truly, technological advancement is magical, but it becomes a nightmare if it's misused.

The first concern people express about Virtual Reality Gaming dangers is it's psychological, and physical long term effects in the players. Surely, its better know them early! Than be sorry later on.

"Indeed, the trauma of violent and horrifying content could be long-term." This speaks about the psychological effect of a VR Gear. Apparently, focused playing has more intense effect on players and this is what Virtual Reality Gaming brings.

Because of the in-depth dip of the gamers in the Virtual Reality world, they may carry over the realm into his real life world. In a long term use, social interactions will be lessening greatly.

Aside from the said effects already, an article also shares about the physical dangers Virtual Reality Gaming can bring. Some of it will be dizziness, nausea, and self-inflicted injuries.

Seemingly, the physical effects of the wearable item are simple, yet it's extremely bad to be experience dizziness and nausea often. The brain experiences these effects after being exposed in the game for long-extended hours of using VR gear.

Alongside, self-inflicted injury isn't far in their plate. During the game, they could hurt themselves because they don't see what's outside the reality world. Either they hit whatever near them or fall down somewhere they can't see.

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