'Diablo 4' Release Date, Features and Latest News: Fans Hope There Will be More 'Diablo 2' Than 'Diablo 3' in Next Title

By Nens Mitchell , Updated Dec 19, 2016 06:29 AM EST

Expected by fans to be released next year, "Diablo 4" continues to create a buzz in the gaming industry. Players are also eager to see improvements for the next game installment.

Improvements expected

With no definite details yet from Blizzard Entertainment, gamers continue to speculate on what they will see for the next "Diablo" game. A primary hope for many players is an improved storyline for the game. A lot of individuals consider the "Diablo" world a great place to play but its story needs a little improvement.

In terms of gameplay, events and quests could be added to the game to give players  more thrill and provide a more rewarding gaming experience. Developers could even incorporate quests similar to the World of Warcraft because when tied together, it provides a better story for the game.

Which is better: 'Diablo 2' or 'Diablo 3?'

Other players of the game suggest that "Diablo 4" could be patterned to the earlier "Diablo 3" franchise which has more focus on building a character. The character's skill is also boosted to find his strengths and the things it can do better on.

Another suggestion is for the game to do away with "Diablo 3" features as many did not like what the previous installment offered. "Nothing in D3 scared me," added one player adding that "Diablo 2" was still the best for him.

Release date and updates

Diablo 4" is certainly coming with fans having renewed hope on the next release from Blizzard Entertainment. Though many are hoping that "Diablo 4" be released next year, some are estimating that the game developer will take its time to come up with something that will be better and more fit for the fans of the franchise.

There is a lot to look forward to in "Diablo 4" and fans are hoping that there will be plenty of improvements and developments for the next title. Are you looking forward to the release of "Diablo 4?"

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