Disney Infinity to Use the Force, Star Wars Content Discovered

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 17, 2014 11:51 AM EST

Ever since Disney purchased the Star Wars brand, fans have kept their fingers crossed that they might see Kingdom Hearts 3 have something along the lines of Sora, Daffy, and Goofy finding Nemo in the waters of Naboo, or going keyblade against lightsaber on the Death Star. But it seems that just wasn't meant to be. While Disney isn't allowing Square Enix to use the force, the Mickey Mouse empire is still keen to draw from a galaxy far, far away for its own properties.

Case in point, players have happened upon some previously unannounced content in Disney Infinity, that sees the truly dedicated who have managed to collect every toy in the game rewarded with the iconic glowing neon sword in the game's Hall of Heroes.

This sounds like the sort of thing that you should've heard about by now, but here's why you haven't. Two Disney Infinity toys, Phineas and Perry, haven't been released yet. It was only through a fan receiving them at a giveaway at Comic-Con that led to the Star Wars discovery. Given the lightsabery goodness, fans are taking it that Star Wars content is set to hit the game sometime soon.

A video has already been put together showing the lightsaber being unlocked, and how well Agent P uses the space age sword to slice and dice. Check it out below to see it all in action.

The Phineas and Perry toys of the TV show "Phineas and Ferb" are scheduled to release as a Toy Box Pack on March 14, so expect Disney to make some kind of announcement regarding the Star Wars content around that time.

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