Bill Gates Participates In Reddit's Secret Santa, Blows Away Reddit User With Lovely Gifts Including A Nintendo NES

By Aran Jamaca , Updated Dec 19, 2016 11:47 AM EST

Christmas is a time of joy and a time of giving. Many people believe that, even Microsoft mogul Bill Gates.

For the fourth consecutive year, Gates has participated in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. This year, a Reddit user name Aerrix (real name Alicia) got blown away when she found out that her secret santa was the one and only, Bill Gates.

She posted on her Reddit Gifts profile how much she loves all things Internet and video games. She also expressed her love for Nintendo and its games like "The Legend of Zelda" series and "Mario". Gates saw her profile and was more than happy to make Aerrix's wish come true.

One day, Aerrix found a note from FedEx that said "We Missed You" on her door. When she called FedEx about it, the delivery company showed up at her front door with a large box. That box turned out to be Gates' presents for her.

Upon finding out that Gates was her secret Santa, she got really excited and even called her husband who was at work at that time. The box contained an Xbox One, a NES classic, a pair of Zelda mittens, a sword, and a Zelda picture frame that has a picture of Gates and Aerrix photoshopped beside each other.

Aerrix also mentioned that she is a native of Southern Louisiana and that she misses her uncle's Cajun cooking. Gates figured why not give her a Cajun cook book so she can enjoy the cuisine with her husband.

Aerrix posted a photo of her presents on the official Twitter profile of Reddit. The first recipient of Gates' participation in Reddit's Secret Santa gift exchange also posted a photo of her gifts in 2013. Gates donated a cow, under the name of Reddit user 'Rachel', to Heifer International and sent her a plush version of the cow.

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