Samsung Gear VR Latest News & Update: Two More VR Gears Coming, One Jumping To AR

By Samille Jan Abada , Updated Dec 19, 2016 12:21 PM EST

It was announced in an event in California that Gear VR 2 will be launched soon. It was also confirmed that there will be Gear VR 3.

Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong VP of Samsung Electronics said that Gear VR 2 is coming soon in the market according to Slash Gear. On one hand, it was explained that there will be Gear VR 3 and it is specifically more focused on AR than VR. The company already owns two Gear VRs in the market. Both of which are in made in the first generation.

The first Gear VR was released in 2015. It is compatible on Galaxy S6 as well as Galaxy Note 5. The second Gear VR was launched this year. It features a sporting USB connector for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung is consistently releasing new Gear VR headset in every generation. The new gear in 2018 will be for Galaxy S8. However, Gear VR for Galaxy Note is said to be available soon. Gear VR 2 will be shown in the public for a short time as Hong said.

He also described Gear VR 3 as more interesting and ambitious. Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap inspired Samsung to create Gear VR 3. It is about an excursion in an augmented reality. It features a contrast to purely virtual reality applications that current the Gear VR has. 

Furthermore, the company developed a light field engine which allows users to touch holograms. It would leave the current Gear VR design and make it looks like Google Glass or Hololens. There is no specific date when it will be available on the market.

The upcoming Gear VR headset is the fifth iteration of its vision for virtual reality according to Ooyuz.  There is no other information that has been revealed by Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong. The VP assured consumers that it will suit every needs of their phone. The AR front can produce realistic Holograms. Some details will be revealed on February 2017 at MWC.

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