WhatsApp Mobile Data Usage Reduction Tips & Tricks Every User Must Be Aware Of

By Ritwik Roy , Updated Dec 19, 2016 10:09 AM EST

WhatsApp allows users to automatically download media files and documents over mobile data or Wi-Fi. However, sometimes this automatic download becomes a big cause of worry as it eats into mobile data. There are certain steps users can take to reduce WhatsApp mobile data usage and keep it well under control.

Disabling auto download of files can save a lot of mobile data. For this, users need to go to WhatsApp Settings and tap "when using mobile data" under the "media auto-download" field. Users can then choose what all WhatsApp will download automatically. Videos option should be disabled as they drain mobile data the most.

If a user is connected to a lot of groups on WhatsApp, then it is also advisable to turn off photos as groups often go berserk with everyone posting images. Data management tools can also be used to monitor mobile data usage on WhatsApp. Many smartphone brands have their own data management tools either as a separate app or under mobile/network data section in Settings.

WhatsApp too has a network usage log inside the "data usage" section. It has interesting stats including bytes sent and received, messages received and sent etc. Users need to reset the stats every month or week to understand and analyze their usage. Heavy WhatsApp users must resort to WhatsApp bundles though these do not include WhatsApp calling and other such media-heavy aspects.

Users can also modify call settings for WhatsApp calls. There is a "low data usage" toggle under settings and data usage. Checking the box reduces call quality a little though it has a significant impact on mobile data usage, reports Memeburn. Last but not the least is WhatsApp backup. This must be done only when the user is using a Wi-Fi connection. Even though WhatsApp keeps this feature on by default, still it is good practice to double-check the feature under "chats" options.

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