iOS 10 Jailbreak Release, News & Update: Luca Todesco Launching Working Jailbreak Tool Soon? Users Should Stick With iOS 10.1.1 To Work

By Christian M. , Updated Dec 20, 2016 09:24 AM EST

The popular iOS hacker Luca Todesco will reportedly release an iOS 10 jailbreak tool soon. He has announced on Twitter that there is a high chance that the full jailbreak would be released soon. However, users need to stay on iOS 10.1.1 in order for the jailbreak tool to work.

On the other hand, renowned Chinese hacking entity Pangu is still mum about the jailbreak tool they are supposedly releasing that fans have been waiting for. Pangu has already teased their iOS 10 jailbreak too last July, at the Mobile Security Conference. However, it must be noted that it was only the first beta of the iOS 10 that the team was able to hack.

Previous reports have stated that Pangu was actually just waiting on a stable version of iOS 10.2 before releasing their jailbreak tool. However, Apple has already released iOS 10.2 just recently, and Pangu still has not released anything even remotely close to a working iOS 10 jailbreak tool to the public.

With Apple's update for the iOS 10.2, the software security of their devices has never been tighter and more robust. With this, hackers are having a very difficult time to penetrate the system and come up with a working iOS 10 jailbreak tool. With only seemingly empty promises coming from both Pangu and Luca Todesco, the public is left hanging on what the real fate of the jailbreak tool is.

It has been reported that the exploit that Luca Todesco will be using is the Google Project Zero one from Ian Beer. The bug has been filed in a report back in October. It has then been revealed that the exploit actually works on versions earlier than the iOS 10.1.1.

With Pangu, Luca Todesco, and Apple seemingly on a wild chase, fans could only hope that a working iOS 10 jailbreak tool would be released soon. For now, Apple device users just have to wait and see when the exploits are going to be officially unveiled.

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