“Samsung Galaxy S8” Release Date, News & Update: New Flagship To Launch In April 2017 Exclusive Event

By Milton Letterman , Updated Dec 19, 2016 08:18 PM EST

Samsung has caught fire again - but not for the most terrible of reasons. Still reeling from the reputational damage caused by the ill-fated flagship Galaxy Note 7, South Korea's largest smartphone maker is currently recalibrating in the buildup to the launch of the all-new Galaxy S8.

Instead of revealing the Galaxy S8 to the world during the annual Mobile World Congress on February 2017, Samsung has opted to launch the device in a separate New York launch event in April 2017, as reported by Yahoo. The report further elaborated that the delay was meant to allow the company to talk to "external agencies" in a bid to recover lost consumer trust.

The Korean tech giant is currently struggling to repair its image as it had to endure the entire year dealing with reports of battery explosions in the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung has already rolled out an update for US customers that will render the doomed device inoperable.

Heralding the course of Samsung's road to recovery, the Galaxy S8 has understandably met high expectations concerning its specifications. Among the speculations floated around include the following: the inclusion of a 4K display, dual-lens camera, and enhanced high-performance processors, among many others.

The Galaxy S8 might also come without a physical home button - a signature feature in all other Samsung smartphones, and might do away with the headphone jack as well the way Apple's iPhone 7 did. Forbes further added that the new flagship will go for the curved design once again and sport an even thinner body.

Critics have weighed down on the dual-edge curved design of Samsung's latest smartphones, saying that the company prioritizes aesthetics more than introducing salient benefits. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen at its point on whether the company can redeem itself again with a brand-new release. Watch CNET's discussion of details on the upcoming S8 below:

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