'Pokemon Go' Tips, Cheats & Tricks: Incubators are Now More Crucial Than Ever to Ensure That Players Will Obtain New Pokemon

By Astrid Cho , Updated Dec 22, 2016 12:00 AM EST

Ever since Niantic Labs rolled out the Gen 2 Pokemon update for "Pokemon Go," fans noticed that the need for incubators has increased. Numerous players have noted over the past days that incubators have become some of the greatest necessities in "Pokemon Go."

'Pokemon Go' Incubators

The incubators provided for "Pokemon Go" players have always been important to some players. On the other hand, some did not really notice the need for taking advantage of these egg-hatching devices until after Niantic Labs came out with an update last week.

Incubators are used in "Pokemon Go" so Pokemon eggs found in PokeStops can be hatched properly. It is important for players to walk since it will determine how fast the eggs will turn into baby Pokemon.

The Demand for Incubators Increases by the Day

The Gen 2 Pokemon update is focused on delivering baby pocket monsters for fans to enjoy hatching and raising. The idea is similar to raising pets. However, the latest massive "Pokemon Go" update has become some sort of a problem for a number of fans. Gen 2 Pokemon can only be produced from the eggs.

Normally, a user would have at least one incubator. Experts now recommend that players get more incubators. This will help in getting the new baby Pokemon faster than normal. The more incubators a player has in "Pokemon Go," the more chances there are to hatch baby monsters sooner.

Enthusiasts' Other Recommendations

Players who spend a lot of their time on "Pokemon Go" then recommend that other players use the PokeCoins they collect from gym battles to purchase additional incubators. One egg in one incubator will not hatch the new Gen 2 Pokemon fast. This is why experts believe that players should be wary of which items they spend their PokeCoins on.

As mentioned, it is important to exercise the first rule in "Pokemon Go," that is, to walk. Longer kilometers mean faster hatching for the new Pokemon.

"Pokemon Go" is this year's top mobile game. It is playable on Android and iOS devices. Stay tuned for more "Pokemon Go" tips, cheats, and tricks!

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