'Battlefield 1' Latest News & Update: Giant's Shadow DLC Features 3 Close Quarter, Ranged Combat Zones

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:13 PM EST

Giant's Shadow, the very first map since launch of "Battlefield 1" is unleashing today, December 20. Players can expect a mixture of close quarter assault and ranged combat in this new map so everybody who have chosen their field of specialization can enjoy.

Giant's Shadow was based on Battle of the Selle which happened in 1918. "Battlefield 1" made sure that it will relive the grim and glory behind Cateau-Wassigny railway where an airship crashed. A century later, it served as "Battlefield 1" reenactment of battles between British and German firefights as they clash in Hindenburg line, Inverse narrated.

Here is how "Battlefield 1" gave justice to Giant's Shadow; a large map that accentuates both Conquest and Rush. Further, players can expect six major objectives to include a trio of clash points. Yes, this "Battlefield 1" map is reminiscent of the war with a village, railway station and zeppelin airship to combat on.

Giant's Shadow village combat can give a fast-paced "Battlefield 1" experience as players hone their close-quarter combat skills. A great strategy to beat the village is to loose assault specialist to do their point-blank combative skills. Then supports, scouts and even medics can painstakingly take on the enemies spawning from zeppelin crash site.

Going into "Battlefield 1" zeppelin addendum, this too, provides a nice close-quarter combat. Actually, the whole feel of the zeppelin is a mixture of mayhem where there is a constant risk of grenade explosion, as BreatheCast reported the introduction of grenade crossbow. This "Battlefield 1" twist will also look like undisciplined camp where players have to tuck their head often due to gunfire whizzing above frequently.

Lastly, "Battlefield 1" Giant's Shadow presents the railway station which is a marriage of close and ranged combat. There is a barn situated in the middle of the field which is purposely set for snipers. So it is a given, the final "Battlefield 1" twist in this DLC is a battle of those who live by the ethos of "one shot, one kill."

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