'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Endgame Dungeon Pitioss Ruins Was Beaten in 6 Minutes

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:11 PM EST

Pitioss Ruins in endgame of "Final Fantasy XV" is supposed to take few hours to complete - at least before some players were able to bust the challenge and finished it in 6 minutes. "Final Fantasy XV" can eat up hours of hours, especially during endgame where even being a level 99 player doesn't matter anymore but there is an exception in Pitioss Ruins.

"Final Fantasy XV" Pitioss Ruins is tough even though this particular secret dungeon doesn't have any enemies nor physical fight involved. Luckily or unfortunately, few have already made way to beat the challenge at surprisingly short duration. Given that the platformer and puzzle-style of "Final Fantasy XV" Pitioss Ruins, the biggest killer that made this area difficult is lack of control.

Remember that "Final Fantasy XV" is a game that was built on mayhem, hack-and-slash, melee rolled into one. But then again, Pitioss Ruins is platform-style and the game made a misconnect in terms of control. After all, this particular "Final Fantasy XV" dungeon requires precise movements and jumps that was not intended in the first place. Players will simply find themselves mixed in lack of jumping mechanics and camera precision.

It is surprising that what "Final Fantasy XV" requires for this 6-minute run is a little common sense. A player named Flobberworm4 did the trick by carefully studying the map during his first try, as any "Final Fantasy XV" player would, Polygon reported. Then an idea hit him; capitalizing on cramped dungeon and purposely dying so that he can respawn in other areas - an intelligent exploit.

Combined with infinite sprint ability, Flobberworm4 was able to finish the whole "Final Fantasy XV" section in 6 minutes. A nice shortcut that doesn't really help if the player is trying to gain XP or farming, but rewarding in the end. So, are you willing to take the easy way or enjoy the full experience that "Final Fantasy XV" Pitioss Ruins has to offer?

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