Korean Tech Firm Taps Ex-Blizzard Designer To Develop A Real Working Mech Simiar To 'Titanfall' & 'Star Wars' [Watch]

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:18 AM EST

A Korean tech company is developing a real working mech. The venture seeks to take advantage of today's technology to create a functional robot. Former Blizzard concept artist Vitaly Bulgarov is helping Korea Future Technology create a prototype.

Former Blizzard Concept Designer Leads The Design For The Mech

According to Kotaku, the Korean company aims to provide the world with a mech to help with daily tasks. The future is almost here, but they'll not be developing one ala "Titanfall" or "MechWarrior."  Bulgarov said that there are still looking for the mech's practical application.

Mech's are famous for sci-fi movies like the "Star Wars" and "Pacific Rim." The machine's popularity is further popularized by games like "StarCraft" and "Titanfall." Popular anime has also helped to the machine's popularity. Many fell in love with the "Gundam" series, as well the classic "Voltes V."

The mech prototype will not be a phase prop and special effects trick. It'll be a genuine try at working through the early phases of getting one of these machines to work. The company has also said that it is almost finished with completing a prototype.

Mech Will Use Various Strengths To Help Humanity; Not Destroy It

Vitaly Bulgarov is busy making the mech's possible design and, soon, we'll be able to see how it works. In his website, several cool design prototypes have shown what the mech can be capable of doing.

Both Bulgarov and the Korean tech company hope that the mechs will help humanity in some kind. For now, you won't be seeing a "Titanfall" mech wreaking havoc in the streets. Instead, you'll witness a gentler and meek machine. As of the moment, the mech has not reached a level as an answer for certifiable issues.

Fans of "Gundam" and "Titanfall" will be excited of the future mechs. Instead of being giant machines that shoot rail guns, the mech will be more of a human tool for rescue. Stay tuned for the latest updates, you can check out the latest video on the mech project below. 

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