'Dissidia Final Fantasy' Arcade Release Date, News & Update: Rabanastre Stage Will Be Added This December

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:18 PM EST

The hit game from the PlayStation portable that is now ported to the arcade will be having a new stage for players and characters to battle. "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade" The stage is perfect for those who want a free range combat with a wider space compared to other stages in the said game.

Rabanastre, the royal city in Final Fantasy XII that stars the main protagonist named Vaan will be released on December 22 in Japan, as based on one article from Gematsu. However, regarding the localizations of both the game and contents will be expected since "Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy" is the game from the PlayStation Portable that made an impact from action-role-playing game fans.

Rabanastre and its architecture

The upcoming stage from Final Fantasy XII, Rabanastre features a wide and detailed architecture such as the kingdom itself and the surroundings within the area. This new installment from Square Enix will be an addition to the tactics players use in the game, especially for those range and magic users such as Terra Branford, Vaan, Shantotto, and much more.

Rabanastre will be the stage for ranged characters in "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade." However, for skilled melee with magic players, this stage will be a whole new perspective to test their skills in terms of combat with other players and characters.

The supreme details invested in the upcoming stage

Rabanastre is not just a stage with detailed architecture but also pays attention to what is happening around. The skies are moving on its own and as players are having their battle in this upcoming stage, another battle is storming the skies, which is nearby the stage. Airships and freights are found nearby with explosions and effects. Not only that this upcoming stage in "Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade" is a simple stage for battles, but it reflects the story back in its roots in "Final Fantasy XII."

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