'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Get Truffles & Make It Into Truffle Oil? Pigs Are Not The Only Key To Finding It?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 20, 2016 09:03 AM EST

Truffles are rare in the game and it can only be obtained when players have a max upgraded barn with at least one pig in it. Truffles are rare and cost a lot, but it can be converted into Truffle Oil with the use of an Oil Maker. Now, these Truffle Oil is needed in one of the special quests from Mayor Lewis.

However, to before getting Truffles, players should craft first an Oil Maker because that will be the pathway that makes Truffle Oil. In addition, not only Mayor Lewis wants this item but players can also use it as a cooking ingredient. Not only Truffle Oil is created but also normal Oil by putting Corn inside the Oil Maker.

Crafting the Oil Maker

Crafting the Oil Maker in "Stardew Valley" is easy when players have the necessary materials for it. The materials are the following: 50 pieces of slime, 20 pieces of hardwood, and 1 Gold bar. 

Getting truffles from the Traveling Cart

Getting truffles from the Traveling Cart is quite tricky and a test of luck because she is available on Fridays and Sundays only. So seeing one Truffles on her stock would be amazing. Prices vary but mostly, the Traveling Cart sells a Truffle for 1,500 gold. Players  can buy this to obtain it early rather than getting a pig in "Stardew Valley."

Getting truffles from pigs from barn

Now, this is the most recommended one in getting endless source of Truffles in "Stardew Valley" thanks to the pigs. First, players should upgrade their barn into level 3 or the max level of the barn to house pigs in it. Buy at least one or two pigs from Marnie and it inside the barn.

Now, baby pigs are what players need to take care first. When these baby pigs fully mature, it can be set out to commence sniffing some Truffles in the ground. To do that, simply open the door of the barn and livestock inside the barn will graze. Pigs will randomly dig up Truffles from the ground and players can snatch it to make Truffle Oil.

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