iPhone 8 Release Date, News & Update: Experts Say It’s Bound To Fail In 2017, Why?

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:00 AM EST

iPhone 8 leaks and rumors have been the most trending topics on the internet nowadays. But while the Apple flagship is considered the most awaited smartphone than the other upcoming devices, only a few reports seem to discuss the advantages or disadvantage of the specs and features of the iPhone 8.

Based on the latest rumored specs and features of the iPhone 8, it appears that the upcoming Apple smartphone is bound to fail.

iPhone 8 Is More Likely To Be Too Expensive

iPhone 8 is rumored to have three variants - the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 Pro, which is reportedly the premium model and the Apple flagship. Considering the reported price for the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus would be around $810, there are speculations that the rumored premium model, the iPhone 8 Pro, will be available for $1000 or more, since the smartphone is expected to have the best of the high-end features and specs.

iPhone 8 Is More Likely To Be Too Breakable

The iPhone 8 series is reported to come in an all-glass front and back design, which makes it seem like it was created from a single sheet of stainless, glass frames for the smartphone's edges, the OLED display and the software touch button. But based on some reports, only the iPhone 8 Pro will feature the all-glass design as well as the OLED screen.

Given that, many are wondering about how tough will the iPhone 8 be, believing that there is a chance that the smartphone will be very fragile. Some also noted that the $800 to $1000 worth iPhone 8 may easily shatter if suddenly bumped, scratched or dropped, according to report. Meanwhile, new reports on the iPhone 8 features and specs suggest that the redesign will likely have a slight difference.

iPhone 8 Is More Likely To Be Made Of Plastic OLED Display

iPhone 8 is believed to come with a plastic OLED display, which is reported to have been created by Samsung, that is said to curve "all over." According to reports, iPhone 8's OLED version will be all curved after Apple ordered an all plastic OLED from Samsung, given that the latter is able to supply a bit less than 100 million units to the former, according to Trusted Reviews. Watch iPhone 8 Upcoming 2017 Mobile Phone All Features

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