Xbox One Latest News & Update: GameStop Gives Away For Free Until Christmas Eve; How To Win?

By Ben Lindon , Updated Dec 20, 2016 05:51 PM EST

Xbox One users believe that there is still need for a console upgrade or a second current gen to add to their console collection. Now, there is a chance to get one that is free of charge starting today until Christmas Eve.

GameStop Is Sending Free Xbox One Console Until Dec. 24

Xbox One consoles are reported to be given away by the game retailer beginning today until Dec. 24. GameStop will be sending emails that encourage the recipient to "Open before Christmas" for a likely chance of getting a free Xbox One console. There is no need to fill out a form, respond to the email or even join some elaborate hunt, as GameStop only requires to shop at the game retailer.

A number of Xbox One consoles are said to be given away until Christmas Eve. With a completely random selection, the buyers could shop for any game for a chance to win an Xbox One console.

For those interested, the Xbox One promo can be checked out at the official Facebook page of GameStop for further details. Reports indicate that the photos of winners are being posted on the said page, which means the happy faces of the winners with their Xbox One console will be all over the game store's page, according to report. Meanwhile, some Xbox One tips could help better navigate the console interface or use the integrated features.

How To Better Use Xbox One: Connect USB Keyboard

Given that the Xbox One does not have a ChatPad accessory, Microsoft allows users to plug-in a USB keyboard for faster messaging. In fact, any USB keyboard reportedly works regardless which port it plugs into.

How To Better Use Xbox One: Follow Xbox Live Game Hubs

The latest feature additions can be found directly through the Xbox Live, and Game Hubs can be accessed via the Menu button when a particular video game is highlighted. The Xbox One user can follow the title's Game Hub for a list of leaderboards, video clips and friends who have played the game.

How To Better Use Xbox One: Get Kinect 2 Sensor

Gamers are advised to get Xbox One with Kinect 2 Sensor for $399 at the GameStop for the motion and voice controls, according to Gotta Be Mobile. Watch FREE PS4 & XBOX ONE GIVEAWAY! FROM GAMESTOP!


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