‘Pokemon GO’ Spoilers And Update: Can You Catch A Mewtwo Now?

By James Ryan Morales , Updated Dec 20, 2016 09:23 PM EST

'Pokemon GO' Spoilers and Update: Many Pokemon GO players are still wondering if the updates for the holidays will now be featuring Pokemon Legendaries such as Mewtwo. So will you be now able to catch a Legendary especially Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is among the favorites when it comes to Legendary Pokemon. Aside from being considered as a genetically modified Pokemon from Mew, he is so far claimed to be the most powerful among all, sharing the same sentiments of both humans and Pokemon. So for 'Pokemon GO' players, adding up a legendary like Mewtwo is a trait of being a real Pokemon master.

Not just Mewtwo, other legendary Pokemon are also in demand and have been much anticipated since the release of 'Pokemon GO'. With the debut of the first gen Pokemon, Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Ditto are still nowhere to be found. Sad to say, Legendaries are still unavailable for catching in the wild.

There are pages in the Internet which tells about the whereabouts of all the first 151 Pokemon from the first gen, except for the Legendaries mentioned above. Aside from that, a very rare Normal type Ditto is among the hardest to catch in 'Pokemon GO'.

However, there might be clues in which you can have your hands on a Legendary. The three Legendary Birds are symbols for 'Pokemon GO' teams and their leaders. By the time you reach level 5, you can join a team and start conquering gyms. Though not confirmed, could it be that having a Legendary be connected with your team choice?

And there were also rumors about a player of 'Pokemon GO' claiming to have had his hands on an Articuno, claiming that his was a gift from Niantic. Still, it's not confirmed, and it could be that his claims are a result of a glitch, or could be an awfully edited screen capture.

Still, we have enough reasons to expect that anytime soon, a Legendary may be released by Niantic. As for the upcoming holidays, it could be a Christmas surprise for everyone. Maybe, you'll find yourself running across a Mewtwo as you play 'Pokemon GO'.

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