‘The Sims 4’ Latest News & Update: Vampires Bringing In ‘Supernatural’ DLC Nightmares This Christmas

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 20, 2016 01:13 PM EST

“The Sims 4” continues to be the life-simulation game to be content with this Christmas season and most are ranting for yet more content. “City Living” was the last one to come out and gamers are now hoping to see something special for the Yuletide season.

EA has not mentioned anything for now though a recent revelation from data miners on the scripts reveal something interesting. Though it may seem a bit off, spotted were ‘vampires’ in “The Sims 4” codes.

With the discovery, the potential coming of a “Supernatural” DLC for “The Sims 4” is up in the air. The discovery is a bit off considering this would have been a perfect add-on for the Halloween season.

For those following “The Sims” IP, this is not the first time a “Supernatural” DLC would come out. One came out for “The Sims 3” back in September 2012 so most know what to expect according to SIMS VIP.

Further padding the belief that a “Supernatural” DLC could be coming are more breadcrumbs to “The Sims 4” script. That includes stuff like ‘death by sunlight’, a stuffed bat and a new gravestone. As far as characters are concerned, there could be werewolves, fairies, and zombies as well in the mix, Neurogadget reported.

Like before, seeing these items in the codes for “The Sims 4” could end up nothing. There may be plans for their additions but that doesn’t mean that they will happen this Christmas season. Also, seeing spooks at this time of the year makes no sense.

Rather than a “Supernatural” DLC, it would have made more sense to see a rumored “Pets” or “Seasons” DLC instead. EA has not made any official announcement of a new DLC in the works, meaning most “The Sims 4” players can do right now is continue their itinerary on “The Sims 4: City Living”.

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