'Ark: Survival Evolved' Latest News and Updates: Different Survival Tips Made For Your Extreme Farming Experience

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:47 AM EST

Even before its official release, "Ark: Survival Evolved" has always had a huge fanbase because of its interesting gameplay. What makes it appealing to a gamer it the existence of prehistoric creatures. But not all players are great with taming creatures, not to mention dinosaurs. This guide to taming these dinosaurs would make your farming experience much easier.

The Beelzebufo

The Beelzebufo is commonly known to most "Ark: Survival Evolved" players as the frog. This dinosaur has multiple talents in store. It can use its retractable tongue to attack an opponent and lash them out. You have to spam Beelzebufo's tongue attacks to tame this mighty creature. Doing so will make it much easier for you to tame the creature.

The Argentavis

The Argentavis is known to be one of the most majestic flying creatures in the "Ark: Survival Evolved" gameplay. It's a great choice for a company especially if you're traveling in an open-world setting. It also lets you transfer an animal from one location to another which is quite important for farming. 

The Dung Beetle

Owning a luscious berry garden in "Ark: Survival Evolved" world would require you to get a dung beetle. Adding organic turrets with Plant Species X would make it even look better.  According to iDigital Times, all you need to do is to craft a pen. Creating one will make sure that your dung beetle wouldn't go away.


Having a Brontosaurus is great for gathering vegetation in "Ark: Survival Evolved". Having a brontosaurus is ideal for your garden patch as they wouldn't really mess with you or your plant. The only catch about it is that it moves rather slow. Although this dinosaur is not as agile as the others, it is an efficient berry farmer. Not only that, it can attack a foundation using its upper body to give you an instant place to stay, PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

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