Watch Pokemon Gold/Silver Played in First-Person with Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset [Video]

By Matthew Buzzi , Updated Feb 25, 2014 07:45 PM EST

Similar to the Legend of Zelda first-person 3D mod I wrote about recently, this video from the same Youtuber shows Pokemon 3D, a PC mod made to play Pokemon Gold and Silver in first-person, combined with Oculus Rift to create a new game experience.

It's pretty amusing to see a classic game in a new way, much like Zelda. It's an up close and personal view of the Pokemon world, and the environments actually look pretty good, reminiscent of Minecraft.

The character sprites leave a bit to be desired when you get so close to them, but that's what they look like in the original game-now they're just zoomed up very close. It seems cool to be able to look around in the world and interact with objects and people, making becoming a real Pokemon trainer like you always wanted a little closer to reality.

The battles and menus are far from ideal, unfortunately. This is obviously a work in progress, but the text is very small and the battle camera rotates and spins bizarrely while fighting. The player had trouble finding his moves, but manages to get through the battles. Shopping at a Pokemart proved even more difficult-it's safe to say the mod is not optimized for the Oculus Rift quite yet.

Watch the video of the experience below. Again, you'll obviously need the Pokemon 3D mod for this, an Oculus Rift and the VorpX beta software for this, so it's not exactly accessible for everyone. But watching it is, and anyone who has played Pokemon will appreciate the new view of the familiar world.

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