‘World Of Warcraft’ Latest News & Update: Nostalrius Came Live; Kronos & Awakening Announce Major Changes; DDoS Attacks Blizzard Game Once Again

By AASalvador , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:36 AM EST

Blizzard Entertainment closing the popular "World Of Warcraft" legacy server, Nostalrius, has drawn several different reactions from avid players. Days later, Nostalrius was reactivated and became accessible to all the vanilla players and has announced two different legacy servers, Kronos and Awakening.

Kronos 1 and Kronos II will soon merge with a news content called Naxxramas. These changes in"World of Warcraft" will be launced next year. Players need to be aware that all war effort and guilds have closed the eye of the old god at the end of Ahn'Qiraj temple.

"World of Warcraft" Naxxramas have arrived in public in Dec 9. All characters on Kronos I have been cloned into the PTR.  The Naxxramas will enable players to change their character's race and faction.

"World of Warcraft" Awakening has also announced that the new content will include seeting bounties for the heads of the enemies in what they call Headhunting/Bounty Hunter. Should player want to unlearn ability, they can use the Scroll of Unlearning which is worth 100 gold. Several changes in "World of Warcraft" also include Poison Profession and Nightmare Before Winterveil. Players can slay an exclusive boss in Winterspring until Dec 27.

On the other news, there have been reports that "World of Warcraft" has been attacked once again by DDoS causing its servers to be down. Some long time and hard core gamers recount that a decade ago, this kind of event has also happened to "World of Warcraft."

The Horde capital of Orgrimmar was packed with gamers after the attack. The starting lines were busy as people wait for their queue. With Christmas season around the corner, gamers are wondering if the "World of Warcraft" can hold and not collapse at all.

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