‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’ Latest News & Update: 5 Of The Worst Pokemon To Be Included In A Party

By Laine Lucas , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:09 PM EST

All Pokemon can be fascinating but that's not to say that there isn't one or a few out there that makes for a bad party member. Here are five of the worst Pokemon you can have in your party in "Pokemon Sun and Moon."


Many agree that Sandslash is one of the worst Pokemon to have around in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The Alolan version has a secret ability called Slush Rush, which gives itself speed during a Blizzard. However, that's all Sandslash can have. As noted by GameSkinny, the Ice/Steel Pokemon doesn't have HP or Defense stats that protect it from its weaknesses - especially when Fighting and Fire moves are involved.


This fish-based Pokemon has strong Individual Values if trained correctly, but it just looks hideous, as noted by iDigitalTimes. The Pokemon simply has an unpleasant design that it could ruin the goodness of your party in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." There are other fish alternatives that are also a Psychic type.


Dugtrio can be a fairly decent Pokemon to include in a party in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." It has an impressively high Attack and Speed stat. However, it is still considered frail and is highly vulnerable when battling against Ground, Fighting, Water and Fire type Pokemon.


Normal-type Pokemon have long been found in the "Pokemon" game franchise, and "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is no exception as it has Yungoos. Its base attacks can be futile when your party includes elemental Pokemon. According to iDigitalTimes, Yungoos is one of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" creature that has the lowest IV stats.


Just like Yungoos, Raticate is considered mediocre in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Although it has great buff sets, it can be a useless monster due to its low overall stat.

Do you agree that these five Pokemon are the worst party members for "Pokemon Sun and Moon?" Sound off in the comment box below if you agree or disagree.

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