iMac 2017 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Desktop Computing Is Here To Stay Says CEO Tim Cook

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 21, 2016 06:46 AM EST

Apple may be on the offensive as far as the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro is concerned, leaving its desktop solutions such as the iMac in the back. Playing second fiddle has sent mixed feelers to the consumer market though CEO Tim Cook assures that they have not been forgotten.

In fact, Cook recently assured employees that great desktops coming soon. This comes in the light of most questioning the roadmap of Apple, particularly for its iMac line. As it turns out, there are great desktops ahead and Cook reiterates that no one should worry about the future of Apple desktops, Tech Crunch reported.

Cook elaborates that Apple desktops will carry improved screen sizes, memory, storage and more. While he did not mention specifically if the new features were directed at the iMac or iMac Pro (or both), it douses any doubt on the focus that the Cupertino company has.

The comments of Cook were placed on the company message board which can be seen only by Apple employees. Among the replies he placed include pointing to desktops as critical to some users, an indirect swipe that not all may be fine with laptops or tablets, Slash Gear reported.

With the re-assurance, most are now wondering what the iMac 2017 would have to offer. It has drawn a comparison to the Microsoft Surface Studio, their rival’s hybrid solution and something that would carry certain features that the MacBook Pro currently features. The most notable of which was the OLED touch bar.

Most importantly, there is the question on what chipset the iMac 2017 will carry. It has been a debate plaguing Apple, referencing to the great Intel debate. Intel Skylake processors have been criticized for most wanting an Intel Kaby Lake inside as mentioned in a previous post.

That could happen in 2017, assuming Apple has been properly stocked with the Intel Kaby Lake chipsets. This is the same chipset ranted by most for the MacBook Pro 2017.

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