Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: Next Flagship Reportedly More Expensive Than S7; Launching Could Get Delayed

By Christopher Alerta , Updated Dec 21, 2016 03:10 AM EST

The advent of the much-awaited flagship smartphone of 2017 has already been subjected to much spotlight than it usually deserves and as such these developments have given the Samsung Galaxy S8 fans their correct dose of excitement. And this excitement comes with no less than the most game-changing features and specifications of the upcoming smartphone — which begs to question, as Samsung Electronics is clearly having a splash on this next flagship, will it be its most pricey yet?

According to experts from the investment bank Goldman Sachs, Samsung Galaxy S8 is now being tipped to be more expensive than its predecessor, Samsung Galaxy S7. The forthcoming smartphone is slated to become 15 to 20 percent pricier. The investors have surmised that the South Korean firm will choose to reflect the fact their choices of materials for the phone have relatively increased in terms of the handset's final price.

And as Samsung is very much en route to this price bracket, its consumers will have to expect more advanced features for its next flagship entry. If that is not the case, the company is at least expected to deliver a feature that will rival or outpace the rest of its competition. Samsung Galaxy S8, as far as speculations are concerned, is quite in the fold nowadays in term of its readied specs. The smartphone is rumored to be toting its very own AI assistant, akin to iPhone's Siri, which will have its own dedicated button.

In related news, Samsung Galaxy S8 has now been pegged to delay its official launching to April, contrary to the previous February release reports. The purported delay is to be conducted in order for the company to fully resolve the battery issues of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and ultimately, to allow its marketing teams to jazz up the firm's confidence level from its distraught consumers.

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