'ARK: Survival Evolved' Latest News & Update: 'ARK Park' Coming In 2017, Jurassic-Themed Freeplay Game - VR Equipped [Details]

By LA Zamora , Updated Dec 21, 2016 07:21 AM EST

"ARK: Survival Evolved" is one of the games who has been waving the flags of extinct majestic creatures popularly known as dinosaurs. The combination of dinosaurs and shooting weapons make for one exciting survival-adventure game.

According to reports, Studio Wildcard recently teased the players with an upcoming VR Jurassic Park-like location. Is there an upcoming "ARK: Survival Evolved" Park in 2017? Read on for more details.

'ARK: Survival Evolved' News

Apparently, the "ARK Park" is patterned after "ARK: Survival Evolved" game and almost all of the creatures found in the game will be present in the "ARK Park." Managed by Peacock Studios, the "ARK: Survival Evovled" park takes the players to a Virtual Reality or VR experience featuring the majestic creatures in the game.

'ARK: Survival Evolved' Updates

The VR park patterned after "ARK: Survival Evolved" is expected to be available by 2017. The "ARK Park" is considered to be a standalone multiplayer experience that aims to give the players a higher sense of exploration experience.

What makes "ARK Park" different from "ARK: Survival Evolved" game is level of violence. If in "ARK: Survival Evolved," one must use deadly weapons and shoot dinosaur monsters to survive, the "ARK Park" will be a total opposite experience.

Players can wander around aimlessly and simply enjoy the interactive experience strolling around the breathtaking word of dinosaurs. Additionally, there is no specific storyline to follow which makes "ARK Park" a freeplay experience.

'ARK: Survival Evolved' Latest News

Without the heavy action and shooting games from "ARK: Survival Evolved," what do players have to look forward to in the "ARK Park?" According to reports, players can harness their action skills, puzzle-solving logic, careful resource management and exploration vibe.

The main objective of the tamer "ARK: Survival Evolved" game is for players to collect gene cubes strategically placed around the "ARK Park." Gene cubes can be collected for every mission achievements.

As of writing, "ARK Park" has no specific release date for 2017. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the initial primary platforms for "ARK Park." Stay tuned to GamenGuide for more "ARK: Survival Evolved" news and updates!

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