‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Guide: How To Get Z Crystals And Activate Powerful Z Moves

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Dec 21, 2016 05:27 PM EST

One of the most exciting changes to the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gameplay is the addition of Z-moves in the game. With the new gameplay mechanics in place, it is now possible to drastically boost the attack power of one's Pokemon.

However, the all-new "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Z moves require some patience to acquire. Activating the new moves now present another set of challenges to players akin to the previous challenge of collecting various Pokemon, the hunt for the sometimes elusive Z crystals.

Knowing the location of these "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Z crystal is the most important step in activating those powerful Z moves. Of course, one can always try playing the game in the hope of stumbling upon them but for those who prefer a more methodical approach, there are the ways to hunt for these Z crystals, as detailed below.

Normalium Z Crystal, which unlocks the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Z move Breakneck Blitz may be found at the Verdant Cavern and Illima Trial as part of the story, reports Eurogamer. Fightinium Z, which unlocks the All-Out Pummeling Z move, can also be found as part of the story in the Kahuna Hala Grand Trial.

Waterium Z,used for activating the Z move Hydro Vortex, may be obtained from Lana's Trial at Brooklet Hill. Firium Z, used for Inferno Overdrive, may be obtained from the Volcano Park at Captain Kiawe's Trial while Grassium Z for Bloom Doom is at Lush Jungle from Captain Mallow Trial. On the other hand, Rockium Z, used for activating the Z move Continental Crush is from the Akala Grand Trial from Kahuna Oliva while Electrium Z, for the Gigavolt Havoc Z move, is from Trial at Hokulani Observatory. All of these are part of the "Pokemon Sun and Move" game's story.

Players may find the Steelium Z crystal, which activates the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Z move Corkscrew Crash, from the Hokulani Observatory trial while Ghostium Z, used for the Never-Ending Nightmare move, is on Route 14 of the Acerola's Trial. On the other hand, Buginium Z is used for Savage Spin-Out and may be located in Po Town inside a chest next to the throne of Guzma while Darkenium Z crystal used for Black Hole Eclipse may be obtained from officer Nanu located in Malie City.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Z move Acid Downpour may be activated using the Poisonium Z crystal which may be obtained in Vast Poni Canyon from Plumeria. Meanwhile, Groundium Z for Tectonic Rage is also from Vast Poni Canyon and may be obtained from Hapu while Dragonium Z may be obtained by beating Vast Poni Canyon trial and is used to activate the Z move Ultimate Dragon Burn.

This is just a partial "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Z moves/crystals guide. Another article that contain details on how to get the rest of the Z crystals will follow shortly. Be sure to follow GamenGuide for the latest gaming news, guides and updates. 


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