'Killer Instinct' Patch 3.6: Kilgore Gameplay Footage And Updates

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:46 AM EST

Iron Galaxy has been doing a great job with "Killer Instinct." The game is now on its third season and fans have received multiple DLC characters, stages, and other game modes to keep the game fresh. Apparently they still have more in store as they have confirmed a new patch for the game. Patch 3.6 is the latest update that will add more content into the game.

"Killer Instinct" players spotted a hint that pointed to a new character, as reported by EventHubs. Kilgore has been officially revealed as the next new fighter to join the cast. They also hinted that other new characters will join the fight starting next year. Community Manager Rukari Austin also claimed players would be able to encounter the new character in the game, even before he is officially playable. This could mean special requirements must be met in order to encounter him within the game.

The "Killer Instinct" 3.6 patch is scheduled to arrive this December and brings along some balance changes a well. Some of the new features are as follows. Players can now play survival against Shadows or AI (a good source for SP), new content are unlockable through Shadow Lords Archives benchmarks, new Guardians which would be detailed at a later time and reportedly more secret stuff. The entire patch notes can be read in the link here. Additionally, players who have unlocked Thunder will get a new costume free of charge.

Some of the other notable patch 3.6 changes to "Killer Instinct" affect its Shadow Lords mode. The update introduces three new artifacts, which include the common Corroded Tiger Talisman, a rare Rusty Tiger Talisman and a Pristine Mummy Talisman. Four new consumables also make it into the game, these include a common drop Re-Fibrillator, a rare drop Potion of Luck, an Epic drop Elixir of Greater Luck and ARES Battle Stim MK III.

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