'Street Fighter V' Season 2: Changes And Official Patch Notes

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:39 AM EST

The update all "Street Fighter V" fans have been waiting for is finally here. Season 2 has been patched over the game and has brought Akuma with it along with some gameplay balances. Capcom has released the official changelog, which details all the alterations made for the game. Top players are already wasting no time and getting into the game to start polishing their skills.

The patch file clocks in at 9.7GB for the PC and 7.655GB for the Sony Playstation 4. After the update is fully installed players were able to access "Street Fighter V's" offline only game modes, according to EventHubs. After servers come online, users will be able to download Akuma with enough fight money, or purchase him from the Playstation Store. Some players have even gotten the Season Pass for 2017 to ensure they don't miss any of the new DLC characters.

Capcom's patch notes reach up to 92 pages, which is saved in a handy PDF file over at Capcom Unity and could be downloaded here. The "Street Fighter V" holiday-themed content will also be available and includes Red Bull sponsored B-boy Ryu and B-girl Chun-Li costumes. The entire holiday costume pack reportedly sells at a discounted rate of $19.99 and will only be available until the end of the holiday season. The pack also contains Alex's New York stage dressed up with Christmas cheer and snow.

Gamenguide recently reported about some new changes to address rage quitters. The "Street Fighter V" season 2 patch does indeed include the player badges, which identifies if the player regularly disconnects, or if the player completes their online matches. Anytime a player intentionally quits a match, they will get League Points deducted from their account. Capcom's blog also features a link that expands more information about Akuma and his move lists.

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