'Dota 2' 7.00 News & Update: Raigor Stonehoof The EarthShaker; Best Disabler

By Jerome , Updated Dec 23, 2016 09:54 AM EST

Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker is a melee strength hero that has area of effect or AOE disabling skills in "Dota 2". Earthshaker is being played like an intelligence hero or a caster and is being played as a ganker or an initiator. He is one of the most dangerous initiator in the game.

The first skill of Earthshaker in "Dota 2" is Fissure, where Earthshaker slams the ground with his totem and creating an impassable ridge of stone while damaging and stunning enemy opponents. A great skill for blocking enemy heroes to prevent them to escape. Fissure has a cast range of 1400 and it stays for eight seconds.

The second skill of Earthshaker in "Dota 2" is Enchant Totem where Earthshaker empowers his totem that cause an extra damage on the next attack of Earthshaker. A great skill to damage an enemy and to last hit a hero or Tower. Once Aghanim's Scepter is equip, Enchant Totem will allow Earthshaker to jump in a distance that has a cast range of 900.

The Passive skill or the third skill of EarthShaker in "Dota 2" is Aftershock, that causes the earth to shake underfoot and adding additional damage and stuns to nearby enemy units when skills of Earthshaker has been cast. It also add a stun with Earthshaker seconds skill Enchant Totem.

The Ultimate skill of Earthshaker that is one of the dangerous skills in "Dota 2" is Echo Slam. Echoslam when cast, deal a shockwaves that travel through the ground and damaging enemy units and each hits causes to echo the damage to a nearby units. When Echo Slam has been cast and hit all of the enemy units, Earthshaker can wipe them out of the face of the "Dota 2" map.

With "Dota 2" 7.00 update, Earthshaker gain talents. Once Earthshaker reach level 10, he can choose between +250 mana or +8 Strength. At level 15, player can choose between +20 Movement Speed or +50 Damage.

Then once this hero reach level 20, players can choose between +10% spell amplification or -35s Respawn time. Lastly, Once EarthShaker reach level 25 in "Dota 2", players can choose between +500 health or -2s cooldown for Enchant Totem.

A great disabler that can change the tide of the Battle in "Dota 2". Earthshaker is mostly being killed first to prevent him for stunning everyone. If enemy opponents forgot that Earthshaker is around, then they will not be able to move once Earthshaker attacks.

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