‘The Division’ News & Update: DLC Survival Available On PlayStation 4; PS4 Pro Ready Update

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 21, 2016 10:50 AM EST

PlayStation 4 agents of "The Division" can now brave a harsh blizzard in an effort to reach the center of the map in the "Survival" DLC. After a month of only being available on PC and Xbox One due to an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, the latest piece of downloadable content is now live on PlayStation 4. The new mode, also entitled Survival, features both "Player vs. Environment (PvE)" and "Player vs. Player (PvP)" versions where 24 players all work toward the center of the map while fighting off Hunters, the elements, and other obstacles.

Once again, agents will find themselves victim to a helicopter crash when starting the "Survival" DLC. Players that enter the mode are left with no protective clothing, their skills are disabled, they have no med kits, and a strong winter storm threatens them constantly.

"The Division" is now updated with PS4 Pro support. It includes a higher resolution for the game and better frame rates. These enhancements not only make the title look better on PS4 Pro systems, but will also improve The Division on standard PlayStation 4 systems as well.

The 1.5 major base patches and the "Survival" DLC now released on all systems, players of The Division still have one more DLC to anticipate as part of the season pass. "Last Stand" is now expected to release in early 2017 after the 1.4 update pushed back the release dates of "Survival" and "Last Stand." Like the previous DLC releases, PlayStation 4 players of The Division will have to wait for at least one month before "Last Stand" releases on their console after it launches on PC and Xbox One.

The release of "Survival" is the latest new content to come to the game in general. It introduces "World Tier five," launched new armor pieces, and included the debut of the "FrontLine" set.

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